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Less sleep may lead to death, warn scientists

PROLOGUE : Early to bed, early to rise. The formula changed to 'late night sleep, so very late to be on bed. But, work pressure and other situations has lead to cut our sleep short. Now, scientists warn : it may prove fatal. Latest research recommends not to sleep less than six hours at any cost, it may prove very costly:
The study looked at the relationship between sleep and mortality by reviewing earlier studies from the UK, US and European and East Asian countries.
Premature death from all causes was linked to getting either too little or too much sleep outside of the "ideal" six to eight hours per night.
EPILOGUE : Anyway, don't get panic. Just follow the inner instructions. Like your our phone or lap top, our body also indicates. Is rings alarm that the battery is low. It needs recharge. If you feel so, don't ignore - just go to bed, not be bothered for time, place or situation.

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