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Toppers in road fatilities

PROLOGUE : Three states Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have been included in the list of toppers, but not for a good reason: 
The latest report on road accidents released by the ministry of road, transport and highways (MoRTH) for 2008 ranks Andhra Pradesh as the state reporting maximum number of road fatalities — 13,812 — and Tamil Nadu alone had the share of 56.6% of the total number of persons getting injured in road accidents.  
Similarly, Maharashtra had the dubious distinction of reporting maximum road accidents during that year leaving all other states far behind. While the state had a high share of 55.4% road accidents, Tamil Nadu, which ranked second, had only 15.6% of the road mishaps. 
EPILOGUE : " The total road mishaps reported from rural areas was more than that in the urban areas in 2008"

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