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Help for sure, if you can save yourself

PROLOGUE : Everyone should help the needy in time of need. But, think twice to save someone while drowning if you can't swim. Cry, do whatever, but call for help from an authirised person of the field:
Richard Munshi found a snake in his car’s bonnet at his house near Hennur. Herpetologist Anees was called to rescue the snake but he got late on the way and Richard called his neighbour Mark Woodward, 34, for help. Mark, in the process, was bitten by the snake twice and is now in ICU. The 5-foot-long cobra has been rescued. 
EPILOGUE : At least 80% of the bites occur when people try to kill or catch a snake, just 20% are accidents. Approximately 75,000 die of snakebites in the world and India contributes to 40% of these, TOI report.

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