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Modi : The story of wealth, success and power

PROLOGUE :  Have a look on the CV of much talked about person of the current moment. The Deccan Chronicle has published a report tilled 'Man who made too much'...
Lalit Kumar Modi, 46.
1963: Born into wealthy trading family in Delhi. Modi Enterprises had grown into a multimillion-dollar business empire since its foundation in 1933
1983-86: Studies engineering and business administration at Duke University, US; trains at Philip Morris and Estée Lauder. Marries Minal, a friend of his mother, who is nine years his senior. She gets a divorce in order to marry him

1987-91: Serves as president of International Tobacco Company, an Indian firm1992 Becomes executive director of Godfrey Phillips, India’s second-largest tobacco company
1994: First suggests a new Indian limited-overs cricket league, but Indian cricket board rejects the idea
1995: Introduces ESPN pay channel, which allows Indians to watch world-class cricket
2002: Launches Ten Sports channel
2005: Becomes president of Rajasthan Cricket Association, using a controversial law to secure his election; then vice-president of BCCI
2007: Launches IPL
2009: Becomes highest tax payer in the country. Has already paid Rs 8 crore in the first half of the current fiscal.
2010: IPL valued at $4.1 billion.
EPILOGUE : The IPL commissioner who tops the news list daily has asked for some time prepare his answers on all the issues. "I have worked for you for five years... Give me just five days to prepare answers to all the questions," Modi communicated to BCCI, sources close to him said.

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