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Mind this kidding

Prologue :I, not only me say, most of us used to play a lot with toy trains. Remote control train is all time favourite. Imagine the situation, when a boy finds remote control of operation network of the city train:

"A Polish teenager allegedly turned the tram system in the city of Lodz into his own personal train set, triggering chaos and derailing four vehicles in the process. Twelve people were injured in one of the incidents. 
He studied the trams and the tracks for a long time and then built a device that looked like a TV remote control and used it to manoeuvre the trams and the tracks," said Miroslaw Micor, a spokesman for Lodz police.
Epilogue :Should we depend so much on machines? A major tragedy averted as some people pulled the chain of emergency breaks. Perhaps, the suspision of a similar situation has inspired former Railway Minister, Laloo Prasad Yaday, just after BJP leaders LK Advani and subsequently Rajnath Singh, to dump EVMs-Electronic Voting Machines. Now, Laloo Yadav is going to launch an agitation in favour of mannual age old process of voting. 
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