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Happy Healing

Prologue : A good news about noted film critic, litterateur and poet, Brajeshwar Madan, he is feeling better now. His health is improving speedily. After a paralytic attack he was hospitalised and then shifted to his relative's home in NOIDA.
When I entered his relative's home and heard his voice in response to my arrival a scene from film 'Black' flashed before my eyes.
"Baithiye" [Have your seat please] This single word delivered by Madan Sahab, sounded like, say exactly, 'Water' in film 'Black'. [In Sanjay Leela Bhansali film, 'Black', 'Water' is the first word delivered by both the leading characters played by Amitabh Bachchan and Rani Mukharjee. At the end the lady character tries her level best to encourage her teacher and mentor to speak, who has lost memory.] It's happy to see that Madan Saheb is displaying a rapid recovery. Now, with help, he is sitting on chair. He can stand straight for a few seconds. He is trying to speak, though limited to words like 'Hello', 'Thik Hai' (OK) and 'Nahin' (No way). About three weeks ago, when I, along with Sanjay Sinha, visited him in hospital, the only reaction from him was: he just identified us. Even, on last Sunday, when Chandrabhushan ji called him on, at his relative, Mr. Chopra's home, he was very upset. But, how this miraculous recovery happen, and going on? Here, too, a lady is behind his speedy [successful] recovery. The improvement in his health has occurred because of the committed caring by a lady, Sushma, a professionally trained nurse. Sushma is working hard, round the clock. [ Exactly in the role of Rani, in 'Black'. In the film Rani is doing her best to make his mentor's memory regained, following which he speaks, the same word she had delivered as first word of her life, 'Water'.] Most of his time Madan Saheb synchronised his real life with reel life. He has lived with films, think about films and even dreamt of the films. Films have been on his menu all the time. Whether it's Breakfast menu, or Lunch, Dinner or, even The Last Supper. In our office restraunt, he often used to talk about films. A huge data is stored in his memory card. Though this data is not limited up to films, but it includes information on a number of topics. One can ask about Bollywood, Hollywood, and he would speak continuously. One can experience the same, while discussing literature, whether it's Hindi or English, he possess equal command and authority.
Epilogue : Madan Saheb is a person with strong will power and this is also an important factor behind his speedy recovery. We should hope, all the data remain safe and we would enjoy happy discussions soon. He is really a ship of knowledge.
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