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Friend of Mosquitoes

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We try our best to keep the guerrillas of mosquitoes away. Sometime they prove suicide squad. If all the repellent efforts fail they are killed by the victims, irrespective of demography, race religion or caste. But, today I'm introducing a man whom, till date, you know as famous film critic and poet. Yes, Mr. Brajeshwar Madan is the one and only friend of mosquitoes.

My friend Ujjwal Ghosh recalls what he experienced when he first met this friend of mosquitoes.

Meeting a person I had a queer experience that he loved the company of mosquitoes. Oscillating between amazement and curiosity I wanted to come through it. But, I didn’t make any effort. Coincidentally, I met him on the street when I was on the way to my residence. At that I could not control myself and said, “Hello” and the conversation continued till we reached his residence. I accompanied him to his room. After half an hour I left for my residence. There I observed that he kept neither a mosquito curtain nor a repellent. He never thrashed a single one by mistake. It puzzled me a lot and I went at his residence incessantly to quench my thirst of knowing about his personality. I will frankly say that within fifteen to twenty minutes I became restive due to the humming mosquitoes, Mr. Brajeshwar Madan was as comfortable and normal. In the meantime I got impatient and lifted my right hand to thrash one. I was astonished to see that Mr. Madan abruptly held my hand and winked me. I saw pain diverging from his eyes. He just said, “THEY are companions of a loner.” I couldn’t resist myself to bow in front him and the word GREAT came out from my trembling lips.

Your attention ARA-Animal Rights Activists! Have you ever imagined about any such friend of mosquitoes?
Mr. Madan is a consultant with a national news paper. He lives alone in NOIDA. Three years ago his wife passed away. Currently he is not well and admitted to hospital following a paralytic attack. A nurse has been assigned to look him after in the ward. Readers' Camp wishes him a speedy recovery.

By Mriegank Shekhar

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