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The Unique 3-Wheeler

 Eco-friendly items are being encouraged across the worlds. Cycle-rickshaws are best assets in this class, which are used frequently throughout India as a public transport. This quality of cycle-rickshaw has fascinated two Dutch youngsters, Michael Dordrecht (18) and Peter-Paul Vossepoea (20), who got it shipped to their native land.   
[Pic, Courtesy : TOI ]

How this three wheeler impressed Peter, says he: 
"There is a preoccupation with eco-friendly transport in Dutch campuses. So, we have to cycle a lot but that is not always comfortable because of the sun. This is a unique mode of transport because you can take passengers, it has a hood and is perfectly eco-friendly.'' 
Cycle-rickshaws provide employment to several lakhs of people of different age groups. Though some possess their own rickshaw while many hire for entire day. Some also run during night only, as some of them engage themselves in other ventures.
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