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Beware of street robbers, don't go on their approach

Suppose you're on a walk after dinner. Obviously, the place will be adjacent to your residence or where you're staying as guest. If someone asks about the way, what'd you do. Ignore him. Or, respond him, especially if the person is appearing polite and looking needy. But, beware of such persons, they may be members of some gangs. They might have been following you seeking an opportunity. This is an humble warning, if you live in NCR-National Capital Region i.e. Delhi and adjoining cities.
In a latest incident an old couple had a miraculous escape from falling prey. It was the brave 60-year-old S L Sharma along with his wife who foiled loot bid. the Have a look on the story appeared in The Indian Express:
According to Sharma, the assailants had driven up on a motorcycle and asked them about the way to Sector 6. “They carried on with the conversation for a good five minutes or so, asking us about the shortest possible route, and slowly encircled my wife,” Sharma told Newsline. “I did not realise their motive till I heard my wife struggling with them, just a few steps behind me.”
When this incident took place, the news paper reports: 

According to S L Sharma and his wife Suprabah’s complaint to the police, two men on a motorcycle attempted to rob them while they were on an after-dinner walk near their house around 11.30 on Wednesday night. The assailants, however, fled after the couple put up a fight and Sharma, in fact, managed to snatch their pistol.
[The brave couple. Pic, Courtesy : Indian Express ]
A few weeks back a lady was crossing the road near Sector 12 market of NOIDA. Hearing, "Excuse me", she turned towards the window of a car. The youth on driving seat about the way for some nearby sector. But, in the meantime, she was un-imaginely shocked. What happened is a nightmare for any one. When she was indicating about the way, the youth on driving seat snatched her chain and flee speedingly. 
Another incident, said my colleague, "I had just taken out my cell from pocket and dialled two digits. Two persons on bike came near me and made off with my mobile much away, before I learn it all." 
These criminals are not even sparing the rickshwapullers and poor labourers. They are looting petty amount, even Rs. 50/-. A house keeping worker told me yesterday that some criminals snatched and old cell phone and some goods from his friend when the latter was on the way home after duty.
About a decade back when, I found my water taps, in out skirts of my residence in Varanasi, removed, I couldn't understand. Later on, my friend, a policeman, told me that it might be an act of some drug addict. Now, who're these element? I couldn't guess. Any, be cautious.
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