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Star cure for heart

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Astrology possess some scientific ground or else is a matter of debate. But, it relieves the person who seek an astrological help is not unconvincing. In India, you can encounter a future teller in every corner. And, the faith is so strong that an aspirant rarely checks the credentials of the person in front of him.
I've seen scores of people, who lecture their staff of high performance and reject the talented workers in one go, easily bow down before any self styled future teller. They seldom think of the knowledge of the person on other side. That's why, the Astrology is being talked about very lightly.

Forget all its fallacies, but in a country where clinical psychologists' counseling fees are beyond affordable limit of a middle class person, astrology has been proving a better remedy. Suppose a person is suffering from severe crisis. He is in strict need of counseling. He can't afford the fees of clinical sessions. What are the options before him? Almost limited. Isn't an astrologer better for him. If such a person is highly depressed, and thinking of some extreme steps, who'll save him? At least the astrologer can explain why his condition is not OK.And, till then, he can wait for favourable time, optimistically.
The Benaras Hindu University has a full flaged faculty to teach Astrology academically. In its continuous efforts to promote the Astrology and help the mankind with its healing capabilities, the university is going to start a new project for heart cure. The project has got approval from the University Grant Commission.
Areport in Deccan Chronicle says:
The UGC-sponsored project is expected to revive scientific study of astrology and the “relation between ailments and planetary positions.” The project has given rise to “astrology hospitals” in Varanasi where patients are prescribed semi-precious stones, beads and herbal medicines for heart-related ailments.
So, wait for the day when the the spiritual city Varanasi will welcome people from world over for astrological healing in state of art astrological hospitals. 


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