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Mind the Track

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 [Pic, Courtesy : Mumbai Mirror]

See this photographs. What show this? Everyone is in hurry. Everyone has to reach his office or home or some other destination. How much time can be saved by this act? And, how risky is this this move. Have a look on this chart.
[Courtesy : Mumbai Mirror]

Trespassing is common at railway stations, it doesn't matter whether foot over bridges are made strategically or not. How dangerous is this haste step. Please, mind your steps.
It's much appreciating that the Mumbai Mirror has launched a campaign to aware the people. A recent incident, perhaps, has inspired this campaign.
The news item about such an incident appeared in the paper says:
On the evening of June 17, when 35-year-old Raju Gediya jumped down from platform 2 of Vasai railway station to cross the tracks and reach platform 1, he did not imagine that his effort to save a few minutes would force him to spend three days in jail.


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