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Salute the Honesty

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Last month my chain broke and fell on ground. Though I noticed, but failed to collect it. About two tor three hours later my colleague thought it was someone chain lying on the ground. When he asked me, indicating the chain, I was shocked. It was my chain which I recognised with my pendant of Ganeshji. Whoever, heard about my colleague saluted his honesty. It was my dearest and honest that I got my valuable golden chain, otherwise the staff is too dishonest to keep a mobile safe on the table.

The report appeared in the Mumbai Mirror says:

[Mantosh Ahire, the auto driver refused any award from the family. The bride’s mother Farida Khan, Pic, Courtesy : Mumbai Mirror]
Mantosh Ahire, the auto driver, had stopped to have lunch, and while getting back into the rickshaw, saw the bag carrying the jewellery. Ahire said, “I knew that it belonged to the people who were attending the wedding, and rushed to the marriage hall. They were so overwhelmed, they did not stop kissing my hands.”

We should never forget the Delhi autowallah, who returned the valuables of a person who had left it in his vehicle.

By Mriegank Shekhar

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