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Real life requires struggle

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Reel life affects real life, and vice versa. Movies are made, based on real life. Reel life people motivate people in real life. But, does reel life affects the same person who has acted a particular role. in his/her real life? Perhaps yes, perhaps no. Actually it depends, really. Common people see an actor same as a hero or villain in reel life. People make opinion as it is, like in reel life.
Upto what extent, the reel life affects real life, here is an example.
Ajit Pandey, 20, who starred in Slumdog Millionaire as the hired goon of the gangster played by Mahesh Manjrekar, seems to have taken the film’s message of rising against odds, to heart. With somewhat disastrous consequence. He was arrested by the Mumbai Crime Branch on Sunday from his Bhayandar residence for allegedly extorting money and trying to bag film roles bsy threatening producers on phone.
Why this actor opted for this type of acting? Acting in real life [actually, he was allegedly acting as a goon, which he was not in real sense]. Was he getting less in reel life acting? And, real life acting might have paid much better!
The Oskar winner film. Slumdog Millionaire, has described the real life story, which was appreciated across the world. But, after the award, the film hit the headlines, not for good reason, on several occasion. The actor seems to be a produce of circumstances, but his fault is that he chose a short cut, which is not acceptable to society and the law.
Pandey, who has also acted in TV serials like Saarthi and Oh Darling Ye Hai India, hit upon the novel idea of calling up film producers posing as a certain Irfan Husri, an associate of Chhota Shakeel. In his underworld avatar he would tell producers to give a break to “his man” Pandey in their films or face death. If they couldn’t offer a role then they needed to pay ‘Husri’ Rs 20 lakh.
A number of youngsters leave their home to Mumbai to become hero, and many succeed. They should always keep in mind that there is no shortcut way to success. So, your attention please, dear aspirants, keep cool, try and perform your best when get an opportunity. For good reasons, always.


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