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Mind the nutrients

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"Why do you peel these vegetables?" I asked the maid at my friend's home. "Don't know, but I do it in most of the houses", she said. "And, what about yours?", I asked. "No, never. I have very short time", she said, adding, "However, I've heard that all the Vitamins embed in it"
"Peeling vegetables and fruits have become fashion", says Anjani Mishra, a student aspiring for MBA. My mother always scold us, but, my mother-in-law like it. So I prefer peeling, said a colleague.
Many of us practice such bad habits, despite being aware. But, experts recommend the whole fruit, whole grain, whole vegetable. In a latest research, it has been found that the whole carrot boiled before chopping possess more anti-cancer benefits. The Mail Online reports:
Cut carrots have a higher surface area in contact with the water, resulting in greater loss of nutrients compared with boiling them whole. The heat softens the cell walls in the vegetable, allowing vitamins and falcarinol to leach out.
Have a look on the following chart:
[Courtesy : Mail Online]

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