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Is your door handle elecrified?

By Mriegank Shekhar | Contact Author | Feedback
Recently, when my boss took out his hankie, I thought he would wipe his sweating face or goggles. But NO, he had took it out to open the door. I was, obviously, surprised. Does it happen to many among us? Does everybody feel mild electric shocks while opening doors? About seven years back, my friend Rajesh Pathak once asked me to open the tap of wash basin. When I asked why he didn't do it himself? He said, "I experience some electric shock hitting me."
It was very much surprising for me at that time. I just opened the tap and experienced nothing like shock. I made some enquiry at my level, it was learnt that the electrician had joined a wire with the tap for earth support, in electric wiring. But then I couldn't understand what was the difference between me and my friend. Both are equal in age and possess almost same physique. In January this year, while opening the door of reception at my office, I experienced an irritating shockwave. Afterwards, I also experienced the same whenever I push my car's door to shut or open. Getting non-damaging hurt on touching doors has become a regular feature now. In the meantime, I observed that more and more people use a hankie or some paper or cloth piece to encounter the doorshocks. I've read about electric current in human body, but it's something different. Do you too feel this mild electric shock? Send me your experience. And if, an expert please explain the physioligical reason behind these unwanted happenings.


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