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The sweet job

We spend a lot to fulfill our hobbies. Be it in terms of time or money. How'd you react if paid for doing your favourite activities? Recall your childhood. Toys, chocolates and gifts from all the elders, everytime. Nothing would be better if you get paid for doing what you just wish. Say it, Kismat Connection, isn't it? Harry Willsher, a Brit boy, has got a sweet-sweet job. A job to taste the sweet recipes. Have a look on a report by The Sun:

"Harry, from Billericay, Essex, said: “On my first visit it was like I was inside Willy Wonka’s factory, especially when I saw the Rainbow Drops machine, which pops out lots of brightly coloured sweets. “This is my dream job. I just hope I can do it when I grow up too. “I’ll taste new sweets every three months but I’m not allowed to tell anyone what they are.”

I've witnessed the expresion of joy on the face of my cousin when he was selected in an audition a decade ago. He was selected for the job of announcer at a railway junction, but set it a side to contue his study uninterrupted.

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