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Mind the public place for Yoga too

Have you ever think, a yogic practice may lead to jails. A Mumbai doc is found victim of the same. However, it's late, when the truth revealed during investigation.

Mumbai Mirror states, "During investigations it was discovered that Dr Amlemat is a Baba Ramdev follower and was practising nakhun gharshan (rubbing the nails of both hands against each other, a technique to prevent premature greying, made popular by Ramdev) which the young woman misconstrued as a sexual overture. "

"On February 13, a well-respected gynaecologist from Malabar Hill, 72-year-old Dr Ranjan Vinayak Laud, and his friend Dr Ratnesh Amlemat, 57, were arrested for allegedly molesting a woman near Metro Cinema, adds the paper.

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