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Jaat na puchho saadhu ki?

Recently, one afternoon I was at a friend's residence. My friend was in bathroom so Bhabhiji welcomed us (my wife was accompanying me here too). She looked too much tensed. Before she asked for Chai or Sharbet, I wanted to know whether everything was ok (in the time of prevailing recession worldwide, fear of somthing wrong haunts 24x7.) ? Firstly, she tried to skip, but soon revealed, "My maid is absent for four days, and today she has left a message to the watchman that she is not interested in working with us any more." "I'm fed up with this maid-animal. They're un-affected with recession. There is always a job for them", she added. Displaying her agony she also revealed that the last maid was appointed after interviewing a number of candidates. Meanwhile, my friend had joined us. "Don't worry Ma'am. If you permit I can speak to the man who washes our car. Her wife too works as maid in our appartment." "No way, I can do all the works, even if not well, but she can't enter my home. You'd never understand," Bhabhiji strictly refused. My friend, giving many examples and logical explanations, tried his best to convience her, but to no avail. Bhabhiji was adament on her stand. By then, I couldn't understand the reason behind selecting a maid. I thought she might be irritated as most of the maids seldom clean utencils properly. Some of them work wearing stinking cloths. In the meantime, someone knocked the door. "Kaamwali chahiye?" The watchman had informed her that there was a vacancy in this house. "How many members you're? "Just two, and a kid. But, you wont cry if some guests visiting. OK?" "OK. You've to pay Rs. 600/-. Rs. 200/- for brooming, Rs 200/- for wiping floor and rest for cleaning pots. " "You from?" "For washing cloths, you'll have to pay extra. If you don't own a machine, you can't afford my charges," she couldn't understand what Bhabhiji asked. "I asked you from? Means, you belong to which place." she quipped angrily. "OKKe, are hum bhi Bihare ke hain, Didi." "And CASTE?" She got an U-turn and left the venue. "To whom house you had sent me, Does she require a domestic help or for a matrimonial purpose," the watchman told my friend later. Well, this is the caste factor which has continuously intervening everywhere. In this election season, it has a wide impact throughout India. Politicians are wooing their best on the basis of casteism. Today, a story in Hindustan Times, 'Playing God in caste-crazy Bihar' is eye opener. The story is a must read.
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