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Impossible! No way, it's proved

Most of my friends blame shortage of time for many things. They can waste more than two hours in smoking zone (not in single sitting). But, they have no time for work out. There are a number of people who suffer myths. They think that work outs are for the purpose of weight loss. I often hear people saying, “What’d happen if I go to gym?” if someone moves on single chassis, he thinks he can’t restore his bones if he follow some exercise routine. But have a look on this pic. This man is special. Say very very special. He has crafted his body not from outside, but from within too. One fateful day he came to know that he is HIV +ve, but it didn’t affect him. Despite all odds, he went on prowl, and the result is before us. The news appeared in Mail Today informs, “At present, Khundrakpam is in Kolkata, taking part in the 49th Senior National Bodybuilding Championship for the coveted Mr India title.” [Pic, Courtsey : Mail Today]
The news paper adds, “When Khundrakpam Pradip Kumar, 38, came to know that he was HIV positive, he did not lose heart. He chose to channelise his energy into bodybuilding. While undergoing anti- retroviral treatment, he also trained in the gym for hours. His efforts bore fruit when he won medals in bodybuilding competitions. His biggest break came when he won the Mr Manipur title in the 60- kg category in 2007.”
Khundrakpam has proved that nothing is impossible. You’ve to do only is to decide. Follow your intuition. Strict to schedules planned for execution. Rest is Bright.
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