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Dance for Salvation

Everybody do whatever he can for his betterment. For betterment of future. Betterment of betterhalf of life. Betterment of life in next Janm (life after re-birth). Hoping same, scores of people visit Varanasi and stay there during last days of their life. They wish betterment of their next life. Recently some sex workers assembled at cremation ground with similar purpose.
[Pic : Rakesh Singh]

According to Andhra News, Sex workers from far and near converged at a cremation ground here and danced through the twilight hours of Wednesday to "attain salvation or a better re-birth". Wearing 'ghungroos' (anklets with tiny bells) on their unshod feet and with garish make-up, they danced to the tune of folk songs.

It's believed (among Hindus) that bathing in Ganga remits sins and that dying in this holi city ensures release of a person's soul from the cycle of its transmigrations.
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