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Who's real Marathi Manoos?

PROLOGUE : The Marathi manoos controversy may have been settled for the moment. Some interesting facts have been appeared in The Mumbai Mirror.
The news paper reports :
"Nine cabinet ministers, including the CM, continue to sign off in English, though the state has made it compulsory for all government communication to be in Marathi and is setting up a special department to propagate the language."

The paper adds, quoting Senior Shiv Sena leader, Diwakar Raote:
"The ministers who sign in English seem to have forgotten their lineage, legacy and their mother tongue. They should go and see the French Chinese and Japanese leaders who will always sign in their own language".
EPILOGUE : Every single coin possess two facets. You can see the other side. Whenever you turn it. Double standards are often found in politicians. Some display on front, some hide for other side.

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