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Indian shooters harassed in Dorset, UK

PROLOGUE : The ISSF World Cup in Dorset, UK proved a mess for the Indian shooting contingent, it said, the latter was harassed. The team manager M Padmanabhan has written a letter  to Indian High Commission in London, in this regard. 
"Our Indian shooters were in the process of boarding the bus from the ranges to the official hotel when the driver slammed the door shut on the Indian shooter waiting outside and left him at the range. When the other shooters on the bus strongly objected, the driver turned back and went to the supervisor of the transport dept, Mr Mike.
"Mr Mike then returned to the bus and yelled and screamed at our shooters and insulted them. He was very very rude and threatened the team with dire circumstances. He then addressed our Indian World Champion and Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna, Mr Manavjit Singh and told him to get off the bus. He refused saying that the bus was the official transport and not his personal vehicle. Mr. Mike then threatened him by saying that the Indian Team will not be allowed to take the bus tomorrow morning," Padmanabhan wrote in his letter to the High Commission. 
EPILOGUE : Perhaps, they still see Indian with the same age old eyes. 

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