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Dramatic REFORMs, a MUST for the COUNTRY

PROLOGUE : The Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has sought 'dramatic reform' in legal education system : 
''If we are to have a society where the common man gets speedy and affordable access to justice, if we are to have the rule of law in our country, if we are to have an economic environment where contracts are easily enforcible, we must ensure that our law teachers, practising advocates, corporate lawyers, legal advisors, judicial officers and legal facilitators are of a very high standard," 
"This is possible only if there is dramatic reform and improvement in the scope and quality of legal education system," he said inaugurating a National Consultation for Second Generation Reforms in Legal Education. 
EPILOGUE : Here are some sad remarks from PM : 
"The sad reality is that when we look for experts to head new law schools and new faculties, we have precious few to choose from."

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