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Action in Question : The facts and fiction in BSP's clean up drive

PROLOGUE : The Bahujan Samaj Party recently announced that it has expelled 500 workers who possessed dark past or engaged in anti social activities elsewhere. Now, have a Look on the title of a story appeared in Tuesday's Mail Today:
Mayawati ‘expels’ criminals who were not in BSP
The paper has investigated the BSP's claims in this regard and the findings are shocking.
While her effort to cleanse politics of criminal elements was appreciated, what came as a surprise, though, was that a number of these people were either unknown or had no relationship with the BSP. Some like Billoo of Muzaffarnagar and Munna of Eta, who are among the 500 expelled by the BSP supremo, were virtually unknown in their own areas.
And then there are the likes of Vicky Tyagi and Rakshpal Singh alias Pappu Diwakar. Tyagi, who is well known in Muzaffarnagar, is in jail in a murder case while Pappu is a bully from Eta. But what both want to know is when did they join the BSP? “ I read in a local newspaper that I have been expelled from the BSP. But to the best of my knowledge, I was never a primary member of the BSP,” Pappu said.
The opposition questions the clean-up drive by BSP supreno and UP chief minister, Mayavati. Kannauj MP and state president of the Samajwadi Party, Akhilesh Yadav, says : 
“ If there were 500 hardcore criminals in the BSP and she knew about it, then she should have tendered her resignation.”
Congress general secretary and the party in-charge of Uttar Pradesh, Digvijay Singh, looks more aggressive : 
“ We want to see the list. Unfortunately, the Right of Information Act doesn’t cover the political parties. Otherwise, we would have moved an application with the BSP,”
EPILOGUE : The action has been taken by the party chief Mayavati, who is also the chief minister of the state. The BSP act proves that the criminal had entered the party, may be either way. If these persons are criminals, why they're just expelled. Why the party does not lodge complaint with police. If Mayavati want to prove commitment to people and trying to ensure crime free state, such persons should be put behind bars. The CM would have to display more transparency in action as well as facts. 

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