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Things of past, present and future

PROLOGUE : The fateful days are over. Neglect word, for asses, is now a thing of past. A British couple in Gurgaon takes all care for the donkeys in the area. How they do the job is as follows: 
Every afternoon, Bob takes an ambulance (that works as a mobile clinic) to areas where donkeys are working and help the ones who need special care. Some donkeys in very bad conditions have been shifted to a animal shelter but now that shelter is refusing to take in the donkeys. The Harrisons are forced to keep these donkeys in their house, which is in one of the most posh areas in Gurgaon. This has upset the neighbours. “The neighbours want us out of here and they have complained to the police against us.” 
EPILOGUE : Sure, every donkey has his day.

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