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'School on boat' in Varanasi

PROLOGUE : Here is a unique school. In Varanasi a social organisation has initiated a special school for children of boatmen. 
The 'classes' are held on two medium-sized boats. The children assemble at the ghat at 4.30pm, even before the arrival of their teachers. They then take their seats on the two boats and the class begins with a prayer. Govind and his brother Abhishek (eldest of the lot) take the charge of rowing the boats. The class continues till 6.30pm. Schooling on floating boats is also a fun activity for these children, who are skilled in swimming.
EPILOGUE : In the beginning of this month the Right to Education act came into effect. Now, this school indicates that such efforts can be mile stones in real development of the nation. The organisers should ensure that the school not be limited to publicity material. Any way, hope for the best, always.

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