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The Green brigade of Hyderabad

PROLOGUE : The adventure sports has become a regular feature in Hyderabad, Some nature lovers have formed ‘swearing-by-the-bicycle’ brigade. 
On World Earth Day, Hyderabad wakes up to many denizens who have dropped the car for a cycle. Take for instance, Kukatpally resident Sridhar Birlangi (32) who cycles 18 kilometres everyday to Hitech City, on his Cannondale F9. While he has done his environmental calculation (I save the earth 5.2 kg of toxic emissions), he has added up what he saves every month, Rs 5,000, by not using his car. Employed with Convergys, Sridhar has even started a website giving tips on which bicycle to use and how to maintain them. 
EPILOGUE :The idea is not unique, but not so complicated to follow. Anyway, their contribution is great,

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