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Are you among BPL?

PROLOGUE : The IPL is being defined as Indian Political League, Indian Paisa League etc. Have a look on Tarun Vijay's BPL. 
The Mallyas, the Shettys, the Khans and all those moneybags who are contributing a lot to help India’s economy grow on Malabar Hills must come forward with sugarcane barons to help a hapless "bechara" like Lalit Modi and, of course, Shashi Tharoor. They are BPL people. Below "Paap-Punya" Line . Nothing touches them except the lucre. And they think, as Shilpa was trying to tell us, they help the economy grow to help another set of BPLs, that is, those Below Poverty Line. Now, if we have to have a Shilpa as our conscience keeper and certifier of good conduct, then let the Dantewada tribals eat cake if they don’t have "roti". 
EPILOGUE : The IPL controversy is getting deeper day by day. It seems beyond Shashi Tharoor and Lalit Modi. Any way, the people want, and should do, what's the truth?

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