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Please check the IT's TOLL FREE no., if you've dialed

Prologue : If you're tired of dialing on the toll free number for Tax Return Preparers, just stop. Your several attempts could lead to no avail. The number published in the news papers is wrong. When I failed to contact, after repeated attempts, I discussed my colleague about the number [Toll Free No. 1-800-11-23738] which was not working. When my colleague called on another phone number at the bottom of the news paper advertiesment [Aaykar Sampark Kendra : 0120-2438000], he was literally shocked, when the person on phone informed him that the number appeared was not a right one. According to the customer care official of the Income Tax Department, the right toll free number for getting the help of TRPS is : 1800-10-23738

[The number published in news papers. This is not the correct no.]
[The number on website. This is the right no.]
The Income Tax Department has been publising that the general public can get the help of TRPS in order to file the tax return. Who're these TRPS? Says the website:
"The Government of India Tax Return Preparers Scheme to train unemployed and partially employed persons to assist small and medium taxpayers in preparing their returns of income has now entered its Second Phase. During its launch year, on a pilot basis, close to 5,000 TRPs at 100 centers in around 80 cities across the country were trained. 3737 TRPs were certified by the Income Tax Department to act as Tax Return Preparers, who assisted various people in filing their IT Returns. The Government has now decided to increase their area of operations by including training on TDS returns and Service Tax returns to these TRPs. "
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Epilogue : So, if you want to contact someone and hear, "Please check the number you've dialed", the automated voice, please don't blame the machanised system, it may be human error, leading us in trouble. All's well, if end's well : The toll free number has been corrected on the website .   

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