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Mind before kidding

Prologue : Jokes on Sardars is frequently heard and read in India, from time immemorial, till date. And never an action taken against any one, as there is nothing intentionally. In the meantime, the prime minister is a Sardar, but things are just opposite in Pakistan.

"Pakistan's interior minister Rehman Malik announced last week that the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has been tasked to trace SMS (or text messages) and e-mails that "slander the political leadership of the country" under the vague Cyber Crimes Act. In addition to facing up to 14 years in the jail, violators could have their property seized, Malik said, adding that the government would seek Interpol assistance in deporting foreign offenders. " [Source : Link]

Epilogue :The democracy comes and goes in Pakistan, but everything remains as same.

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