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Condom removes dark circles?

Have you ever noticed? The same condom is of multipurpose use. Just you've to explore it. In Bhutan, women have discovered its cosmetic potential. It removes dark circles under the eyes, very effectively, they say, no-they claim. Any one can try, and use.
Have a look on the following piece, in The Hindustan Times:
"Want to remove dark circles under the eyes? Use condoms. This is what more and more Bhutanese women are doing these days. They use condom lubricants for facials and also for weaving purposes." [Link]
The use of condoms is being encouraged worldwide for the soul purpose-safe sex. As a preventive measure against the dreaded disease AIDS. The other use of condom hit the headlines when Rajeev Dikshit broke the news in The Times of India in the year 2001. The intelligent reporter discovered that the condom was being used as just lubricant in weaving of Banarasi sarees. In his story, Rajeev says:
"What is generally needed in weaving banarasi sarees is silk yarn, zari, loom with dharki' (bobbin), and of course the skilled hands of a weaver. there is another important, though unconventional, manufacturing component--condom. believe it or not, but in varanasi, the condom plays an important role in weaving banarasi sarees, particularly on hand looms. as per a rough estimate, the daily consumption of condoms is about six lakh units in the weavers' localities." [Link]
However, the Bhutanese doctors have dismissed the idea, terming it a myth. Now, wait for some other adventures.

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