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All for Gay, Baba vs. Actress

Prologue : Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev and Actress-turned-Gay activist Celina Jaitley are fighting face to face. The actress is now up in arms against the Yog Guru. In response to Baba's remarks against her, she argued with following points.
  1. I’m a yoga practitioner since the age of 14. 
  2. I can recite 500 Sanskrit shlokas.
  3. I also won the coveted Miss India title in the year 2001. Although I have studied science and computers. 
  4. I have acquired almost 80% of my education in Hindi medium from Kendriya Vidyalaya. And ironically.
  5. I have learnt Sanskrit as a subject till my 10th grade. 
  6. I have lived all life in the interiors of India. 
  7. I am proficient in five Indian languages.

Now read what Baba said about her:
"The actress had no idea of “Bharatiya sanskriti” or Indian culture since “She lived away from her parents and changed boyfriends every month”.
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Epilogue : Now, Celina has warned Baba, saying the latters words can be deemed to insult the modesty of a woman under Article 509 of the IPC-Indian Penal Code. So, wait till next...

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