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Mind your will power

In a film, my favorite actor Nana Patekar pointing his finger at his temple says, "Taakat yahan hoti hai" (strength lies in mind). Really it's our will power which keeps us stand in every situation.

Read this piece, appeared in Mumbai Mirror:

Steve Webb, 49, was unaware he had a broken leg — for 29 years. He had an accident when he was 20 and thought the wound healed after treatment. However, pain resurfaced 29 years later which made him get a scan.

Really, it's his will power which crushed the problem and compelled him to ignore the pain in order to move ahead. The man continued walking and walking.

I can mention here another similar story. When my friend VK brought his father to a doctor following a continuous pain in his leg, it was revealed that the bone was crack. The doctor found that more than a decade ago he met with an accident and the treatment was offered by some quack. During this period he stayed in Jamshedpur, Sonepur or in Ghaziabad. He is a regular drinker. The day used to pass as usual but a quarter is must in the late evening. It learnt that it was not the alcohol addiction but the pain forced him all the time to opt for drink. Now, a surgery is awaited.

I'll let you know another case . It was my childhood. In the area adjacent to us, a person got back to home after his retirement. All the family members used to sleep inside the house but, he kept his bed in outer verandah. He always used a mosquito net. One day, around mid night an ox reached the spot and almost crushed him. He was admitted to hospital. When he became conscious next evening, he became angry. Who brought me to hospital? He removed all the saline tubes etc. and left fot home. He was looking quite normal. Actually, he had developed strong hate for medicines and hospitals. It was only the will power which instructed from within. So, everything is possible, keep your Will power strong.
By Mriegank Shekhar

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