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Hey! It's Viewsline

To know, 'what's being cooked in neighbour's kitchen' is just like 'to err is human'. About a decade back I went to attend some function in a remote village. It was my friend's native place, a village with poor road links. Most of the people I met there, I observed, that they're very much interested in others affairs. I found several 'verbal news bulletins' getting circulated from dawn to dusk, as the entire village switched to standby mode (sleeping hours) from dusk to dawn (say, wee hours). There were regular updates in verbal bulletins. The curiousity for local infos, I witnessed there, was too high. They used to prefer local news, but in case of shortage, they opt for single news paper subscription by my friends grand father, and the big Philips Radio set, belonged to the same person. Going through sites I found Viewsline too much interesting. This site is most useful for those who're interested in others' affairs. And, of course, most fruitful for the persons born in the village I visited, within 200 kms radius, where Varanasi is at the centre.

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