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Colour of tea is important

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Do you like black tea? I like, but, not every time it's served. Till recently, it was almost ritual when me and Madan Sahib visit restaurant in first half of the day, sometimes in the evening too. Though Madan Sahib is recovering from a paralytic attack, the routine has been discontinued.
The latest research says that black tea is effective in keeping cardio-vascular diseases away:
According to the study conducted at the University of L'Aquila in Italy and supported by the Lipton Institute of Tea, black tea consumption improves blood vessel reactivity and reduces blood pressure and arterial stiffness, indicating a notably better cardiovascular health profile.
In his book, 'Health in Your Hands', Devendra Vora recommends black tea beneficial for health. He also prescribes black tea to cure kidney related ailments. Some persons, most of my family members, have become habitual of a cup of tea full of ginger and much sugar, but I always prefer it in its original form. Not exactly the black tea, a little milk and sugar should be added for taste.


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