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Begging, the Best Business!

A youth kicked off from queue at the window of employment exchange. He falls unconscious. After a while, he become conscious. What he looks around, is a great surprise. Scores of coins spread around him. The incident inspires him and turns into a professional beggar. This not a real but a reel life scene from the film Gardish. In its latest issue the entrepreneurship magazine DARE, has informed about more than a dozen businesses which product cost is just Re 1. In a previous issue of the same magazine, Infosys founder, N R Narayanmurthi has suggested that service business is the best venture, especially when you get an advance from the customer. But what about this BIZ : In Ajmer, begging's Rs 10 cr biz Madhur Bhandarkar has already portrayed the real story behind begging in Traffic Signal.

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