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The abs' shield

The six pack abs are always a day dream for couch potatoes (don't mean it literally, all those who daily plan to go for a work out, but to no avail). Not only youngsters, but, several 40 plus persons have joined gym after witnessing the Khans (Shahrukh, Aamir & Salman). The sculpted abs are not only a matter of look, but a protective shield to the precious life. "Woman survives terrifying paragliding fall... thanks to her rock hard stomach muscles," reports Daily Mail.
The paper adds, "Fitness fanatic Peggy Williams, 47, dropped from the sky and onto a rocky outcrop after a freak gust of wind caught the fabric wing of her paraglider. She was catapulted through the air like a 'rag doll' before plummeting 20ft face down onto her stomach. The rocks tore her liver and nearly severed her pancreas following the accident in Andulasia, Spain. But her life was saved by a daily diet of sit ups and her 'abs of steel', which acted like a 'girdle' to protect her other vital organs."
Pic, Courtesy : Daily Mail]

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