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Shoe's who's who?

Mirror mirror on the wall? What's most effective tool to call attention after all?

Well, see Bachcha. Gone are the days of rotten tomatoes and Eggs. 'Shoe' has joined latest trend. Hurling shoe is the new comer on the ramp.

The new protest weapon's next missed target is Naveen Jindal, an MP. A retired school teacher hurled his shoe on Mr, Jindal in Kurukshetra, when he was attending an election meeting. This time too the shoe missed the target. After two journos, Zaidi & Jarnail, it was a teacher, who said it was his style of protesting Congress. However, the man is stated to be under the influence of liquor. After the then American President George Bush, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and Home Minister P Chidambaram, it was Member of Parliament Naveen Jindal who became shoe hurler's prey. Forget hurling, even showing someone a shoe is a matter of utmost insult. Unfortunately, the latest victim of such rigorous insult is the person who fight for the great pride of hoisting tricolour on private houses. The democracy has also the limit, eh?

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