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Love me, Love my DOG

When I left Cookie at my native place, none in the family looked happy. They thought it'd be difficult to nurture her. Prior to her entry, not even a single dog had entered our premises. But soon everything changed. Cookie, a spitz, performed as a newly wed Bahu. Those who're not familiar with pets, perhaps won't believe. But, it's true. Cookie developed a habit of saying good morning to everybody. Around sunrise, she used to visit everyone and kissed the feet. Soon after she became blue-eyed member of the family. Earlier, my mother used to maintain distance, and if she touched she'd certainly changed her cloths. But now, it seems sometime, Cookie is more close to her in comparison to us.

I love pets, but my uncle never. Not only this, he often tries to convince me to plant and nurture trees, to create atmosphere healthy. He is a doctor and also treats animals with Homoeopathic remedies.

"A retired head teacher has left £100,000 in her will to care for her four-year-old fox terrier." This news caught attention, and I think, what pets do for us we can't exchange with any amount. A report in BBC says, how a lab (Labrador) fought the burglers even after receiving stab injuries.

"The Labrador has been presented with the PDSA Certificate for Animal Bravery by the charity's senior deputy chairman Chris Heaps."

Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches. Really, it has been said in negative perspective, but, think it other way. You can't describe the affection served by your pets. Just feel it.

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