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Is RTI mightier than all?

Since the time immemorial it said "Pen is mightier than sword". But year by year, day by day, it's fading out, many occasions force us to believe. But, it's not true. We should always hope for the best. Right to Information (RTI) has been proving Brahmastra (say Weapon of truth) in India. It's too much helpful as safeguard in restoring our rights and and effective watchdog to prevailing corrupt practices. A monthly magazine in Hindi, Apna Panna (edited by Manish Sisodia, a RTI activist) is being taken as strong voice against all odds which are not going well. In its current issue the magazine has published an interview with an NRI businessman Robin Raina. In the interview, Mr. Raina describes how he had to face and fight corrupt practices in his native land. The magazine's latest issue tells about RTI Lab in AMU and other changes occured due to RTI activism. The magazine is a must read.
To read the interview with Mr. Raina click here
To know more about RTI activism click here
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