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Care your teeth, Keep smiling, Always

"Kya aap Close Up karte hain? Aap Close Up kyon karte hain?" (Do you brush with Close Up, a toothpase brand in India, Why do you opt for the paste?). These catchy musical lines often used to appear in TV ads attracting many, especially children. In addition to this, scores of brands claim of total protection. About a decade ago, when I asked my dentist about the best toothpaste, he said, "almost all similar". "I just prescribe some medicated pastes during course of treatment only," he added. Earlier, in rural areas people used to prefer Neem or Babool sticks to clean the teeth. But now the practice is shading off. There too, most of them can be seen using tooth brushes.

Despite all the matter of concerns, it's is only lack of awareness. People seldom visit dentists, untill the problem becomes severe. The only option with the dentist is removal of teeth. The impact of TV ads are so high that the children demand of particular toothbrush and toothpaste, but what about caring? Just zero. In a study in Britain it has been found that Tooth decay putting 30,000 children in hospital every year.
The news item published in Times Online says, "the latest study, to be published in the British Dental Journal, indicates that some toddlers and children have such poor oral hygiene that they are ending up in hospital as emergency cases, or having their teeth pulled when preventive treatment with fluoride treatments or fillings would have been more appropriate. The dangers of severe or delayed dental treatment were illustrated recently by the case of Sophie Waller, an eight-year-old with a fear of dentists who starved herself to death because she refused to open her mouth after having eight milk teeth removed by a paediatric hospital consultant."
So, what's important? Branded toothpaste? Designer toothbrush? Or, somthing else?
Yes, the Else. People have cornered dental caring. It's a must. The teeth are equally important like other parts of body. The teeth are hardest part of body. Keep in mind, "Prevention is better than cure."

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