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Advani joins shoes' who's who club

[Pic, Courtesy : Mail Today]

BJP's Prime minister in waiting, LK Advani has become latest victim of shoeline protest. Earlier the protest was from other side, but, interestingly, this time the footwear protester is a former worker of party's youth wing. The incident occured at a fuction organised at Katani in Madhya Pradesh.

The footwear used in this attack-protest was not a leather, but a Chataki, a wooden slipper (However, the attacker claimed it as a Khanau, another wooden slipper). This type of foot wear was in practice in ancient era, now limited to some Sadhus (the persons who left home to achieve some religious missions in life) and very few hindu families at the time of offering prayer.

The was heard saying, on the news channel, Samay, "I used my father's Khanau. Don't call it a simple slipper."

"He (his target) is nakli Lauh Purush (not the real Iron Man as being termed)", said Pavas Aggrawal of Satna in Madhya Pradesh, while speaking on phone with the TV anchor.

The incident has been condemned everywhere. The leaders stood unitedly across the party line on the issue. A few days back a school teacher has thrown his slipper on Cnogress MP, Naveen Jindal in Kurukshetra (Uttar Pradesh). After Shoe Protest against then US President George Bush, this undemocratic style of protest first took place in India when a journalist hurled his shoe on the Home Minister P Chidambaram during a press conference in New Delhi.

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