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The accused & split truth

While going through news papers today morning a story caught obvious attention. It was about late BJP leader Pramod Mahajan's brother and his murder accused, Pravin Mahajan (in pic, courtsey Mail Today). Now, he is writing a book on his brother and the deceased leader's split personality.

"The book that is expected to be published in both English and Marathi is to hit the market in another two weeks.

The English version of the book contains 175 to 200 pages of the family’s humble background and will also contain 25 to 30 ‘ rare’ photographs of the family members. From his cell in the prison, Pravin is believed to have sketched a dark portrait of his brother. He has reportedly presented the late BJP leader as a man of dubious moral character who was on the verge of a divorce. Pravin is said to have documented the fact that his brother’s immediate family complained to senior BJP leaders about his lifestyle. He has allegedly claimed that his mother was being tormented by Pramod." says the report, published in Mail Today.

In the meantime, my phone rang. My friend was on the other side. He said that a colleague of his is trying his best to make the former be expelled from office in the shadow of recessation. My friend often used to discuss about his said colleague, as both of them are known as best friends in the office.
I started travelling in memory lane. soon. In my previous office there was a well learned person. Most of us are still fond of his knowledge. Often termed as 'Mobile Encyclopedia', now working in senior position in a media organisation. Then, I observed, he was best victim of split personality. The man who troubled him most in the office was none other than the person who robbed him of his tiffin in routine. This practice occured untill he stopped carrying the lunch box. After a few months of leaving that office, my dear colleague informed that the boss-man-guy was sacked for no good reason. I'm not going to discuss here the technical definition of split personality. It can be a disorder, Psychologists may know batter. How much fact or fiction will be served in the book or the real truth, God knows. But can Pravin Mahajan justify his act through the book?

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