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What you find here?

You visit many blogs. You find something there. You visit again because something attracts you. I also did, and do the same. Why? Because I seldom find many things at one place. So, the Readers' Camp [ earlier, Readers' Posts] came into existance. Now you can read, write, play, listen and many more... at one spot. If you click on the link Read you will find a blog, Post Block, where you'll find lots of reading material soon. Subsequently, you can go to links like Play, Watch & Listen. With a single click you will find all these platforms happening where you can play games, watch beautiful pics and listen to sweet music, not the prescribed, it can be customised according to your interest. Apart from reading pleasure, fun and games, this blog, on Visitor's Post you can write and participate in on going discussions. This blog also offers good reading materials from other blogs, of course, at one place. One thing more I'd like to mention here, is, the new forum, Civil Post . On Civil Post, any one can writ about anything he / she sees going wrong. A case of injustice or anything like this. But, see, this is not a forum where some action will be ensured on your complaints. If you have any suggestions, you're most welcome. Thank You.

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