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Mind your duties, please

What you do in the time of crisis? Try to solve the problem, Ask someone for help or, Just pray to GOD. "I try to fix, seeking someone's help, while, simultaneously praying God," responded one of my friends. All in one, at a time. Good idea. But it's not a general tendency. It depends, from person to person. Now read a story. A council worker has been suspended for practicing faith healing with a terminally ill client.
The story appeared in Daily Mail says :
A council employee has been suspended for encouraging a terminally-ill woman to turn to God. Committed Christian Duke Amachree was disciplined after he discussed his faith with a client who wanted his advice on a housing problem. She later complained that he told her not to trust her doctors.

"This woman was subjected to a half-hour barrage and basically told it was her fault she was so ill was because she had not prayed to God. Moreover the complainant says Mr Amachree told her not to trust what doctors say, which is very dangerous." the paper adds quoting a council source.

Who's greater, God or Doc? What's more important? Discharge your duties, honestly. Indicate the action taken by authorities, not me.

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