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Happy Holi !!!

What Holi means to us? Festival of Colours. Colours a lot. Colours of BONDING & Bros-Sist-EmotionHood. Now, what the letters in HOLI stand for, as follows:
H : Happiness of Life,
O : Ocean of Colour,
L : Language of Love, and
I : Integration with One-Another
[I received this sms from my cousin, Gyanedu, wishing me a fantastic HOLI]
Gyanendu is not celebrating the Holi. He is mourning & offering emotional support to her wife. The couple lost their one week babyboy last week. On the day, the baby born, the family planned a grand celebration on Holi. Unfortunately the new born breathed his last in a private nursing home in Varanasi. Despite it all, Gyanendu is wishing Happy Holi to the people, he relates to, he met at some point of his life’s journey, and all those he don’t know. What I like in this spirit? Spread happiness, crushing all the barriers of sorrow. A very very happy Holi to you all. Be Happy Keep Happy Bookmark and Share Subscribe to me on FriendFeed

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