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Someone sees you

Goods sold in local markets are costly. It’s a common view. These small shopkeepers just loot. Charge extra amount, even beyond MRP, like goods sold on and around railway stations. Most of us often encounter such things, but ignore. “If you violate the norms, you’ll have to pay for it. Sooner or Later. By either way, in or out,” says Anjani, a God fearing person.
One day my friend, Sunil recalled one incident:
“I was in hurry. I had to buy some goods for Harry and Cookie, my most affectionate pets, before leaving for station to board the train. I reached a nearby Pet Shop, had a look on entire shop. Selected few goods and then forwarded the card on the counter. There was some problem in machine so the shop keeper asked for cash. Generally, I keep a few hundred and fifty rupee notes in my wallet. And one thousand rupee note always, which I avoid to use. But there was no option so I forwarded the big one. The total was 600 plus. He returned an amount of 400 plus to me. It included, Rs.100 extra. I could have let the money back to his hand, but just ignored. Why to return? He already may have changed too much extra amount. I moved downstairs. I was in dilemma. Was it wrong? Or ok, in current trend. I visited my home town and then getting back. The train has reached its destination. New Delhi? I just confirmed, looking outside from window. Had a look on my berth and around, according to my habit, and left the coach. Rs.70 please. have you some luggage too? Asked the constable on duty at prepaid booth. Luggage? I counted and I was carrying only two. Third was missing. The bag carrying my coat and a black shirt was not with me. Instantly, I ran towards the platform. I saw the track empty and though the train might have moved to workshop (yard). But no, it was previous track, I felt sigh of relief. The train was there. I went to the coach. Everything was there, the used napkins, paper glass etc. But, my coat and shirt were picked up. It was obvious. Where even an empty water bottle can not to be left, how can some valuables remain stay? I went where some children were assembled. Getting me closer, they started fleeing. I followed and stopped one of them. He was looking me with suspicious eyes. I offered them to give some amount in exchange with my goods. But to no avail. He again started fleeing away. Now it was the moment of self realisation. I had skipped to return Rs.100 and lost valuables worth more than Rs 5000.
“Forget the grip of the law, the network of nature is much more stronger than the former. Nobody can ignore or wait till next janma of life. You’ll get the crop, so shall you sow the seed,” quipps Anjani.
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