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It happens everywhere, with everybody

Sometimes, we do something. Sometimes, we don't. It happens, everywhere, everytime, with everybody. Things happen, like accidents take place. If we fail to deliver some minor duties, we feel apologetic. I just received such a personal experience from a friend, Mr. Ujjwal Ghosh. Have look:

"Whenever I retrospect, I get much puzzled and embarrassed. As a matter of fact a big vaccum replaces my conscience. It is a story or my schooldays when I was a student of Std. III. I used to bring books from my school library. Once I brought a book named Saral Ramayan. I finished the book in two days. Though I had to submit after three days, but I returned the book a day in advance. My mother used to read the books which I brought from the library. Coincidentally, my mother could not read the complete book and I returned it. The next day my mother asked about the book. She told me that she had yet to complete it. In the meantime, summer vacation was announced in my school and we went to our native town. Say it, a bad luck or something else, some days later, my mother passed away and I couldn't let her complete Saral Ramayan. This incident still haunts me. I can't think, what to do?"

[Currently, Mr. Ghosh is working with a news paper in Ludhiana]

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