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"It's all for Gay", says Savita Bhabhi

Getting your warm acceptance for a few items placed, the Readers’ Camp has started a new segment INTER unView. Under this segment you’ll get a fictional interview of some celebs and popular characters. It’s just for entertainment and not to hurt anyone’s sentiment. Hope, this new item will cherish your humour and you’ll accept these with same fervor. At the onset, the RC converses with Savita Bhabhi, the ex-queen of desi porn-toon. After a massive hunt, we met recently at an undisclosed location somewhere in the world wide web. Beautiful excerpts are here:
RC : Hello, Savita Bhabhi. How’re you?
Savita Bhabhi : Hi, I’m very fine.
RC : Hmm! What’s on?
Savita Bhabhi : Well, Everything as usual almost, earlier it was an open event, but noooow…a bit behind curtain. Say, all via bypass, just…
RC : What can be the reason behind ban on your site []. What you say?
Savita Bhabhi : Simple. To promote gay culture. Actually, they’re of the view that I’m solely responsible for the exploding population of the country. They hope that it can be checked by encouraging ‘gay’ism. In fact all the government preventive measures of family planning are to no avail. But I think there is something fishy.
RC : So, how do you manage, I mean handle the current situation?
Savita Bhabhi : Hey man, it’s high-tech time. Of course it’s banned, but there is a way out too. You can control this world with your finger tips. Crisis management is part-n-parcel of the virtual world. Video and Tele-conferencing are enough in the hour of emergency.
RC : Bhabhi, the site is banned just in India. Rest of the world lies at your doorstep. I think it hardly matters you.
Savita Bhabhi : I often think so. Actually, I’ve a strong hold in this market, and I’m quite comfortable, elsewhere it’s not so easy. I’d have to start from streets, isn’t it?
RC : Thank you Savita Bhabhi.
Savita Bhabhi : You’re most welcome, any where any time.

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